Choose your favourite bouquet and we’ll surprise you with the most beautiful flowers with every delivery to make your heart sing.

You can rely on us to design with the environment in mind. Our production goal is ZERO-WASTE.

Flowers tell a story. We want to help you tell yours.


We deliver on Mondays and Fridays to match the natural workflow of the growers and ensure you receive the freshest blooms. This schedule also allows us to minimize pollution and reduce our carbon emission.

You can change, pause or cancel your delivery, we are flexible!

3. We’ll deliver, with care

We’ll ensure the flowers arrive safely at the door and will leave a drink of water for your bouquet, if you are not home to receive it.

Truly, subscribing for your home or business means you choose the regularity of the delivery, the style of the arrangement, and we handle the rest.

STEP 1: Choose Your favourite bunch; we’ll take care of the rest.


$109 CAD

Our Signature luxury arrangements marry full blooms with the most lovely colours and textures to create an ideal center piece for a reception and a front entryway.

The Signature is an indulgent, fragrant way to brighten your space whether it is an open house or a grand kitchen. 

Sending a gift subscription? We think The Signature is the ideal bouquet for: newlyweds, the first year at a new home, or a message of everlasting love.

Free vase with your first order

Pause or cancel any time

Vancouver Flower Subscription


$65 CAD

Our wildest arrangement has a playful nature with it’s foraged greenery, complementary colours, and the best blooms of the season. A charming way to bring warmth and character to the gathering places in your home.

Sending a gift subscription? We think The Wilde is the ideal bouquet for: a new family member or times of transition.

Free vase with your first order

Pause or cancel any time

Vancouver Flower Subscription

Picture by Janis Nicolay

Interior Design by Studio Grey


Medium: $79 CAD

Large: $110 CAD 

Extra Large: $210 CAD

Our contemporary arrangement mingles a one-toned design with a unique vase to elevate its surroundings. The (Interior) Designer’s choice is refinement mixed with organic beauty; an effortless way to compliment any styled space.

A bouquet made up of one flower variety, The (Interior) Designer’s Choice will always arrive in a beautiful, stylish vase. We will exchange the vase with a new one upon each delivery, so each time you will have a new style to use in your space.

Sending a gift subscription? We think The (Interior) Designer’s Choice is the ideal bouquet for: a seasonal moment of appreciation, a refreshing moment for the friend who puts a lot of time into interior design and is looking for complimentary colours.

Premium vase with your order

Pause or cancel any time


Our desire is to come alongside you to weave a little floral poetry into your life, in a sustainable way. 

When you subscribe for your flowers you support our commitment to zero-waste. Monthly, bi-weekly and weekly flower service allows us to source the exact flowers needed for each set of arrangements. With no extra stock on hand, there are no unused flowers to throw away.

Not only do flowers help stimulate the release of serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, but they also help us bond. They remind us that tender, loving care is necessary to sustain life.

Flowers speak of our intentions to invest in relationships with those around us and subscribing on behalf of your loved one is simple. You can stop and continue at any time, with no strings attached.

We hope the ritual of fresh flowers becomes second nature.

Most Popular Questions

How does it all work?

Bloomier works as an ongoing subscription, meaning you pay per delivery and you can pause or cancel at any time via your online Bloomier Account.

You pick the style of flowers that is right for your lifestyle, decide whether you'd like a Monday or Friday delivery, and then we do the rest of the work!

We will surprise you with the best blooms in season within your chosen style.

With your first delivery, we will supply a free vase. The (Interior) Designer's Choice is our only bouquet with rotating vase styles that come with each delivery. All other bouquets have a one-time vase given upon first order.

As part of our sustainability practice, with each delivery, we will gladly collect back any paper, rubber bands, or ribbons from previous deliveries and repurpose them.

If you still have any questions about how our subscription works, please feel free to contact our Support Team either at [email protected] or on (778) 223-4269. We are always happy to help so don’t be shy!

What is our sustainability process?

Committing to breaking the cycle of waste meant refusing some of the traditional models of running a flower company.

The first step we took was to eliminate the use of materials like floral foam and plastic wrap, source flowers locally wherever possible, compost all organic waste and offer beautiful flowers in a mindful way. The next decision was made to offer a Subscription model as our main service. This allows us to only source the flowers needed for each set of arrangements. With no extra stock on hand, there are no unused flowers to throw away.

Taking a closer look at the elements surrounding the flowers:

We believe in beauty and love to celebrate it, with intention. As a part of this, each bouquet comes with a chosen ribbon of good quality. We will gladly collect this upon our next delivery and repurpose it if you do not wish to use or keep it.

Paper surrounds the flowers in order to add a layer of protection during delivery. The paper we use has been specifically printed with watercolour rather than waxed, to ensure it can be recycled.

Our bouquets will come bound by a rubber band which was repurposed from when we sourced them. We would gladly collect this to continue to repurpose it if you do not wish to use or keep it.

A key part of flower care is keeping them hydrated. To reduce waste, we do not deliver flowers with a plastic water pouch. Instead, we transport them in water and deliver them ready to be transferred to your vase. If you are not home to receive them, we will gladly leave them in a bucket with water which we will collect back next time.

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How long will my flowers last for?

We source the freshest flowers, and we style and deliver them within the same day. Why?

To make sure that our flowers stay fresh, get delivered to you quickly, and therefore last longer! It is important to note, however, that the longevity of flowers depends largely on how you care for them.

We’ll include care tips with every delivery to help you keep your beautiful flowers fresher for longer.

Subscribe to our blog to find more specific tips and information about flower care!

You can always contact our Support Team at (778) 223-4269 or at [email protected]

Where and when does bloomier deliver?

We deliver within the North Shore, Downtown Vancouver, East Vancouver, and South Vancouver on either Mondays or Fridays between 9:00 and 20:00.

What is the delivery charge?

Delivery is free within North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Downtown Vancouver.

The delivery fee for the rest of Vancouver is $10-$15.

If you have any other questions regarding costing or payment, do contact us! You can reach us by calling (778) 223-4269 or emailing us at [email protected]

What if I′m not home for my flower delivery?

Don't worry! For your convenience, we can leave the flowers at your front door with a drink of water, every time.

If your delivery address is a condo/townhouse complex, we’re happy to engage with the concierge to ensure the flowers arrive safely at your door. Alternately, please buzz us in and we'll leave the flowers just outside your door.

To cancel or reschedule your delivery, please give us 48 hours by going to "My Account" or sending us an email at [email protected]

Can i specify a delivery time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this option at the moment. You can, however, receive an update on your delivery status by calling (778) 223-4269

Can I order a one-time bouquet?

We do take one-time orders upon request!

Just send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (778) 223-4269 and we'll be happy to make a beautiful bouquet for your loved ones.

Yet, please consider subscribing, as it allows us to plan ahead to only source flowers which are needed for each set of bouquets. With no extra stock on hand, there are no unused flowers to throw away!

How can I pause my subscription when I’m away?

Simply log in to your online Bloomier Account and click the 'Hold' button under the 'Orders' section.

You can also drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on (778) 223-4269 and we’ll pause your account for you.

Important: To avoid being charged, please give us 48 hours notice to ensure that no flowers will be cut and prepared for your delivery.

Can my flowers be delivered to a different address?

Yes! You can have a different delivery address for any of your deliveries!

Subscribing for flower delivery, and even sharing it with family and friends, is the best thing you can do for your soul!

To update an address, simply send us a message with:

- recipient's name

- address

- phone number

and we'll do the rest!


Log in to your online Bloomier account and go to ‘My account’. Go to the tab ‘Address details’ to change your address for the next delivery.

Please remember to make this change no later than 48 hours before the delivery date to avoid confusion.

If this is a one time change, don't forget to change it back once the flowers have been delivered!

Kindly note that we offer free delivery within Downtown Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. The delivery charge for the rest of Vancouver is $10-$15.