Living in a big city like Vancouver, BC, we see how flower industry can create large amounts of waste, particularly with floral foam. You might know it as that green, chalky block of toxic chemicals. 

Our goal is to avoid and eliminate the large level of waste that is typically created by the industry.  So, to meet this goal, we are mindful about how we design our bouquets and manage our processes. Firstly,

1. We choose not to work with single use materials, like floral foam and plastic floral water tubes.
2. We do not use plastic in our packaging.
3. We recycle all organic matter, as well as any packaging that comes to us direct from growers.
4. We strive to source flowers locally, whenever possible.
5. We are passionate about spreading kindness and cheer with repurposed flowers.

Moreover, we gather gently used flowers from large events, slip them into beautiful bedside bouquets, and donate them to hospitals, hospices and long-term care facilities at the organizations that we believe in. For example, we’ve partnered with  BLOOM GROUP  that responds to some of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside’s most urgent needs by providing housing, social and health services.

Volunteers deliver this recycled love to area patients.

*We welcome donations from growers, neighbourhood gardens and large events like weddings. We also invite volunteers to share the joy of flowers. Reach out to know more: hello@bloomier.ca (604) 283 2254.