Pay-It-Forward With Flowers


Brighten a neighbour’s day with the gift of flowers.

To Pay-It-Forward with flowers, all you need to do is purchase this bouquet, and we will deliver it to a neighbour in need.

Who will receive the flowers? This bouquet will be delivered to a neighbour in need of a brighter day. At Bloomier, we value investing in our community, and as we do so, we learn of local hardships. Purchasing this bouquet is an opportunity to show the people in our city that they are seen and cared for, by others near and far. The identity of both the sender and receiver will remain anonymous, yet the joy these flowers bring will be evident.

What flowers will we deliver? We will design a bouquet filled with the freshest and most in-season blooms at the time. We hope this reflection of nature’s season brings a new light of joy to the recipient that they can hold onto into the future. Whenever they see these blooms in nature again, we hope it brings an extra reminder of the love from this gift.


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