BNI Creekside Bouquet

69.00 $350.00 $

Fresh, seasonal blooms designed and delivered exclusively to our connections with BNI Creekside. These bouquets will be a combination of colours and flowers to match the current, local season. Each bouquet will be designed to elevate the spaces they are in while celebrating the people passing by and gathering around them.

One time orders need to be made at least 1 week in advance, so we can secure your flowers from local flower farms. These will come with a delivery fee. 

For subscriptions or pick up at our in person BNI meetings, delivery will be complimentary.

For more specifics regarding vase, materials, and flower care: see description below.

Taking a closer look at the elements surrounding the flowers:

We believe in beauty and love to celebrate it, with intention. As a part of this, each bouquet comes with a chosen ribbon of good quality. We will gladly collect this upon our next delivery and repurpose it if you do not wish to use or keep it.

Paper surrounds the flowers in order to add a layer of protection during delivery. The paper we use has been specifically printed with watercolour rather than waxed, and is completely compostable.

Our bouquets will come bound by a rubber band which was repurposed from when we sourced them. We would gladly collect this to continue to repurpose it if you do not wish to use or keep it.

A key part of flower care is keeping them hydrated. To reduce waste, we do not deliver flowers with a plastic water pouch.

For one time orders, we will deliver with a compostable water source option.

Instead for our subscriptions, we transport them in water and deliver them ready to be transferred to your vase. Bring your vase to each meeting you expect to receive flowers, and we will transfer your bouquet from our water to your vase, ready to go home with you.


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