Girl and flowers


Welcome to our zero-waste flower studio in Vancouver, British Columbia!

Bloomier is a unique flower company. We believe that running our business comes with a commitment to making positive environmental impacts and being socially responsible. Established in August 2019, we are still a young team, but we are proud of our flowers and the joy they bring to so many people. We sincerely hope to inspire you to choose sustainable options, while leading by example.

Girl and flowers


Hello! I’m Kamila!

Six years ago, I found myself feeling like a superhuman, imperfect maybe, but a superhuman nonetheless. I had become a mom and I discovered a strength, patience, power and confidence that I never knew I had.

Rising to the challenge of taking care of children gave me the unshakable belief that I could do anything I wanted.

And what I wanted to do was to create beautiful spaces. I wanted to design flowers that were slightly poetic and stylish. More importantly, I wanted to do all of this in a sustainable way.

So here I am, a woman on a mission, making big and small decisions to create a space that is mindful and generous, abundant with flowers and friends.

I’m grateful you are here!


Kamila Alikhani