Flowers tell a story. We want to help you tell yours. Not only do flowers help stimulate the release of serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, but they also help us bond. They remind us that tender, loving care is necessary to sustain life.

When you subscribe for your flowers you support our commitment to zero-waste. Subscription service allows us to source the flowers needed for each set of arrangements. With no extra stock on hand, there are no unused flowers to throw away.

Subscribing for your home or office means you choose the regularity of the delivery, the style of the arrangement, and we handle the rest. Imagine anticipating a unique, hand styled arrangement every Monday! Now that’s a fresh way to beat back the Monday blues.

We hope the ritual of fresh flowers becomes second nature.

Vancouver Flower Subscription


Are you sending flowers to communicate your intentions to invest in business relationships? Maybe celebrating a life transition? Or simply reminding an elderly parent that they are loved? Subscribing for flowers on behalf of a friend or family member is simple. You can stop at anytime, with no strings attached.

Flowers speak of our intentions to invest in relationships with those around us.

At Bloomier, we’re passionate about the details. If you’re sending weekly flowers to your mother in law at her retirement home, we’re happy to engage with the concierge to ensure the flowers arrive safely at mom’s door, with a drink of water, every time. We delivery safely and efficiently to Vancouver and the North Shore.

Our desire is to come alongside you to weave a little floral poetry into your life.


We wrote an article for Small Business BC on how our flower subscription offering supports our pledge to zero-waste: