Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bloomier works as an ongoing subscription, meaning you pay per delivery and you can pause or cancel at any time via your online Bloomier Account;
you pick the style of flowers that is right for your lifestyle, decide whether you’d like a Monday or Friday delivery, then we do the rest of the work!

We will surprise you with the best blooms in season within your chosen style.

If you still have any questions about how our subscription works, please feel free to contact our Support Team either at or on (604) 283 – 2254. We are always happy to help so don’t be shy!

We deliver to all postcodes in Downtown Vancouver, West and North Vancouver either on Monday or Friday between 9:00 and 20:00.

Don’t worry! For your convenience, we can leave the flowers at your front door with the drink of water, every time.

If your delivery address is a condo/townhouse complex, we’re happy to engage with the concierge to ensure the flowers arrive safely at your door. Alternately, please buzz us in and we’ll leave the flowers just outside your door.

To cancel or reschedule your delivery, please give us 48 hours by going to “My Account” or sending us email at


We source the freshest flowers, style and deliver arrangements within the same day. Why? To make sure that our flowers are fresher, delivered to you quicker and therefore last longer! It is important to note, however, that the longevity of flowers depends largely on how you care for them.
We’ll include care tips with every delivery to help you keep your beautiful flowers fresher for longer. Please subscribe to receive more specific tips and information about the flowers on weekly basis

You can always contact our Support Team at (604) 283 – 2254 or at

We do not charge for delivery. Being based in West Vancouver gives us easy access to the North Shore and Vancouver Downtown. If you have any other questions regarding costing or payment, do contact us! You can reach us by calling (604) 283 – 2254 or emailing us at

Simply log in to your online Bloomier Account and click Hold on button under Orders section.
You can also drop us an email at or call us on (604) 283 – 2254 and we’ll pause your account for you.

Important: To avoid the charges, please give us 48 hours notice to ensure that no flowers will be cut for your delivery.

If you would like to reactivate your account after pausing, log in to your Bloomier account, click on ‘My account’ and here you can reactivate! If you need any help doing this, you can always contact our Support Team, or otherwise, drop us an email at We’re always glad to help!

Sure! Log in to your online Bloomier account and go to ‘My account’. Go to the tab ‘Address details’ to change your address for the next delivery. Please remember to make this change not later than 48 hours before the delivery date to avoid the confusion. Don’t forget to change it back once the flowers have been delivered!

Kindly note that we offer delivery within Downtown Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this option at the moment. You can, however, receive an update by calling (604) 283 – 2254